Networking & Partnership

Call for business owners, entrepreneurs, educators and the like for partnership.

If you find any of the services in Ceci Educare to be something you envision and will like to partner, contact and lets discuss more.

Criteria for Partnership :

  • Must send an email of interest to

  • Must be self employed / entrepreneur

  • Must have your business registered officially in your location

  • Must have an official bank account for transactions

  • Must have all the legal documentation to pay sub employees and yourself stipends / per diems / salaries in your home country

  • Must understand Ceci Educare Oy does not pay you nor your team any form of salary but your income derives from the businesses we collaborate on together by dividing the profit margins adequately

  • You are able to take care of all your travelling expenses in projects that requires your presence in Finland

Benefits to be a Partner / Collaborator

  • You are able to franchise with Ceci Educare Oy services (by using the original ideas, opening similar services and being affiliated to the parent organisation in Finland)

  • You will receive expert and professional assistance in the services offered by Ceci Educare Oy on a short or long-term basis

  • You are able to get partnership and collaboration with other partners working with Ceci Educare Oy

  • You are able to advertise your services, organisation or institution on the website for a 50% discount on an indefinite agreement

Check the partnership and advertising page below :

Partners / Franchisees/ Clients