Out of school Club / Child care services

Ceci - Educare is a multi-purposed facility & an educational club service provider with an international and multicultural environment for children between the ages of 2-13 years of age.

Language of instruction is English. Children do not need prior knowledge in the language before joining the club. There are children in the club of native Finnish backgrounds and other multicultural backgrounds. Main purpose is for the child learn, grow, have fun , play and feel safe.

Activities at the club

Science Experiments


Forest School

Sports Activities

Local Trips

Library Project

Drama & Poetry

Multi-sensory projects


One on One Tutoring

Free Play

Seasonal Camps

Behavioral Management Program

Concentration Support Program

Social Skills Management

Communication Skills Development

Services includes :

  • Afternoon ,Weekend and Evening Edu-Fun Club

(This includes forest education, borrowed Montessori concept education, free play etc. Child is not required to be an active learner. Child is supported with a pedagogy approach.

  • Home Tutoring / Baby Sitting

Children between 2yrs to 13yrs of age. Services is provided in the comfort of your home with a professional support.

  1. Special Needs Pedagogy Support Program

Does your child need a special support program with concentrating, behavior and social management etc? I offer assistance services to help the child cope with the every day school and home development.

  1. Interactive Online Class

One on one session or a group session for 30 minutes to 45 minutes

  1. Summer Edu-Fun Camp

Every July

  1. February fun camp

Every ski holiday week

  1. Winter Edu-Fun Camp

Every December and January

  1. In school & Daycare clubs

For only Day-cares and Pre-primary schools

  1. One on one Tutoring during the day hours

At the client's home or at the facility

Why choose Ceci-Educare Club :

  • The educator is a professional specialized in children's educational club in an international and multicultural environment

  • Guardians receive pedagogy feedback / suggestion support program about your child's general development as a plus if you want this extra feedback program

  • Children are welcomed with any cultural background to the club

  • Before joining the club, the child does not need to speak or understand English

  • The premises in Lauttasaari is homey, well equipped nice and friendly

  • It is easy to reach the premises by car or when using the public transport

  • There are several free parking spots in-front and around the premises

  • It is safe and fun to learn with Ceci-Educare

  • The welfare of every child is the most important thing in Ceci-Educare

  • At the club, you will always find a suitable course and group for your child

  • Children are brought together and grouped with same goals

  • There are several options to train which includes camps, clubs and classes

  • It is easy to join and pay the services

  • By visiting the website and social media channels you can get to know more about the services in English and in Finnish

The facility :

The facility which was once located in Heikkilantie 7D Lauttaasaari has moved to a new premises starting officially from 1st of December 2022 in Arabiankatu 2A, Helsinki.

The facility interior structure is built with the idea of putting children's needs first as well as considering their educational development and every day life simultaneously. The maximum number of children admitted for a group in the club or hobby or afternoon care program is 5 children & an adult. This is to ensure an effective , smooth and quality time for children in the space.

The premises has areas that supports the education of a borrowed Montessori concept, the Finnish early childhood education concept and a free style of education.

Children's choices & needs are key when it comes to Ceci-Educare services. There is no planned curriculum since the support & education is given to children spontaneously and according to the family / child's needs.

Check reviews from clients copied from the face-book page.

Values :

  • The welfare of every child is paramount

  • Keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy environment

  • Partnership & cooperation with parents and families is vital

  • Every day learning and development of the child is key

  • Great value for diversity , equal opportunities and anti discrimination

  • A high principle of maintaining confidentiality

  • Service provision only by a qualified professional

Insurance :

Children are fully insured during their education and care time at the facility.

Data & Confidentiality :

The company follows the legal use of data and all related confidentiality issues. Read more on the link below :

Birth & History of the Company :

An idea passionately suggested by some previous clients in Lauttasaari, Helsinki who patronized services in my ex Daycare i used to managed.

At Ceci-Educare your child learns :
  • English
  • Have fun
  • Feels safe
  • Grows & learn in a multi-purposed environment