*Implementing the Finnish Early Childhood Education

*Certified Online Finnish Primary Education

*Educational Application for Schools

*Tertiary Education in Finland

*Teachers Sharing Working Life Experience in Finland etc

When : Last weekend of every month (Saturday-Sunday)

January 2023: Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th

February 2023 : Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th

March 2023 : Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th

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Grand seminar / cocktail EVENT FEBRUARY 17TH 2023

Educational / Social Welfare Seminar For The Immigrant Communities In Finland on the areas of :

*Early Years Education / Social Welfare

*Cultural Upbringing / Finnish Culture

*Conflicts & Interacial Couple Child Upbringing

*Threat, International Abduction & Custody Case

*Racism, Bi- Racial Families and Cultural Clash

Date : Friday 17th February 2023

Address : Energiakatu 3, 00180, Helsinki

Time : 13.00-16.30

Host : Ceci Educare Oy Co-Host : Kaapatut Lapset Ry

Registration :

Nonna : suunnittelija@kaapatutlapset.fi 045 855 3055

Ceci : info@lastenkerho-kidsclub.fi 043 670 648