Criteria For Award

  • Must Be a Qualified Teacher in Any Field

  • Self nominated or nominated by someone or an institution

  • Award Committee of Researchers and Associate Professors Reviews nominees documents

  • Selected Award Categories are communicated to the Respective nominees in due time

Other Skills

  • Length of Services

  • Excellence in Performance

  • Communication and Association

  • Leadership Qualities

  • Team Accomplishments

  • Milestones crossed

  • Number of Points in Educational Status

Find the list of Award Committee here : Become A Volunteer

Honoury Awards

Circle of Excellence Award

Standing Ovation (Top Recognition Groups)

Chairman Award

IEE Award (Outstanding Educator Award)

Welcome Aboard Award

Booky Award

High Efficiency Award

Spotlight Award

Public Education Award

Inclusive and Connected Community Award

Research Project Award

Global Teacher Award

Certificate of Participation

Event Award

Volunteers Certificate