Who is the program meant for ?

  • School Directors

  • School Owners

  • Head Teachers

  • Teachers

  • Students studying to be teachers

  • Free lancers in Education Field

  • Entrepreneurs interested in Education

What the fees includes :

  1. 7 nights accommodation (option for hotels or apartments. Option for hotels includes breakfast automatically. Option for apartment with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, balcony etc means you have the freedom to cook meals)

  2. Breakfast , snacks, coffee and tea

  3. Buffet Monday - Friday

  4. Taxi pick up from the airport to the accommodation and Taxi drop off to the airport from the accommodation

  5. Training with certificates of participation from professional and certified accesors in www.earlyyearstraining.fi

One of the following can be chosen by the applicant

a. Early Years Curriculum Learning Through Play

b.Child's Behavior Seminar

c.Supervisory Training

  1. Workshop / Orientation / Purchase of Services / Partnership Creation from 3 companies

a. Ceci Educare Oy

b. Impak Innovation

c. Kindiedays Application.

  1. Trainings with Ceci Educare Oy

a. Implementing the Finnish Early Childhood Education to meet the needs of African Children

b. Forest Education

c. Borrowed Montessor Concept

  1. Group Dinner at Caverna restaurant Caverna Intro Video

  2. Group trip to the Fortress or Trip to the zoo by boat or trip or City Tour trip

  3. Visit to at least 3 different daycares

  4. Visit to an Elementary School

  5. Visit to at least 2 Educational museums in Finland

  6. 50% discount participation fee for the Teachers Gala- Conference happening between 2nd March - 4th March 2023

Extra package for those participating in the 2 weeks and 3 weeks workshop includes :

13.Group Dinner to another Restaurant

14.Leisure trip to Estonia

15. Leisure trip to the North of Finland

16.Visits to more schools and possibilities to higher education institutions

17. Voluntary 3 days to 1 week unpaid internship in some day-cares

What the guest needs to pay on their own

  • Visa fee

  • Travelling Tickets

  • Health Insurance

  • Breakfast

  • Dinner

  • Commuting cards for buses , train or metro

(Please do not use fake documents that will affect the decision of your visa application)

EARLY YEARS TRAINING : Training by highly qualified assessors in Early Childhood Education

This institution will offer training for applicants. The training is created specifically for early years settings and devised by highly qualified practitioners with over 30+ years experience in the field of education.

Managers and owners can rest assured that their staff will be receiving motivational training towards positive outcomes for their children and families.

Outsourced Training from this institution will include

a.Early Years Curriculum Learning

b.Child's Behavior

c.Supervisory Training

For more information please visit : https://www.earlyyearstraining.fi/

CECI EDUCARE OY : Facilitator - Cecilia N. Quarshie

  1. Children in the Early Childhood Education system in your school have the possibility to continue their education in your institution using this digital learning program with Impak Innovation Oy.

  2. For investors, you have the first hand opportunity to franchise or build an institution solely operating :

a. A finnish like or model Daycare / Kindergarten (You will get all the consultation services from Ceci Educare Oy from start to finnish including training of staff, content creation and setting up)

  1. You can franchise with Ceci Educare Oy to have a local out of school club in your community with Ceci Educare Oy as the parent organisation for administrative support and related. The name Ceci Educare Oy will be used for your children’s club in franchising.

IMPAK INNOVATION OY : Facilitator - Facilitator - Mohammed Adan

  1. You are able to implement the Finnish High school model to be embedded into your existing local curriculum to raise the standard

  2. You are able to transform your entire educational institution with the content educational materials which will level up your services to be outstanding as compared to other schools

  3. Individuals, groups or an institution are able to access a full time High School Digital Schooling (online). A finnish standardised graduation certificate will be offered after a final examination is held with a partner organisation who will supervise the examination

  4. Individual students or students in an institution will be the first in your region / country to have a certified Digital Elementary School with a renowned school from Finland.

  5. Training for staff, materials to be used , content of the curriculum, evaluation and assessment shall be taken care of by Impak Oy.

KINDIEDAYS APPLICATION : Milla Van Der Burgh (Co Founder of Kindiedays Oy)

You benefit from world-leading research from Finland - flexibly aligned with your local curriculum framework :

  • Educators observe, document, assess and develop children’s learning intuitively and effectively.

  • Parents follow their children’s progress online, appreciating the excellent pedagogy and care

  • Your educational institution can market itself as a high-quality service provider.