Application and definitions of General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable for Representative in Finland -service.

The Customer entitles the Representative in Finland -service to represent the Customer. The Customer agrees to be bound by these general terms and conditions when ordering the Service.

“Service” means the Representative in Finland -Service, the content of which is further defined in the Service section of these General Terms and Conditions.

“Service Provider”

“Customer” means the Company that purchases the Service under these General Terms and Conditions.


Unless otherwise agreed, the Service is limited to the Representative in Finland -service, the content of which is as follows:

  • Representing the Customer to the extent and in accordance with the Finnish Posted Workers Act. This content includes the following:

  • Designation of the Service Provider as the Customer’s representative

  • The Service Provider is available to the Finnish authorities during the Service

  • The Service Provider collects the following information from the Customer on a monthly basis:

  • The registered official name of the company, business ID, registration number with the authorities in the country of origin (if any), address in the country of origin and responsible executives in the home country

  • Information about the posted workers (name, personal identity number (if any), and age and professional qualifications, right to work and terms and conditions of employment)

  • Information about working in Finland (a record of working hours concerning the posted worker’s work in Finland, payslip and document issued by a financial institution of the wages paid)

  • The Service Provider is responsible for archiving and storing the information as required by Finnish legislation during the validity of the Service

The Service is provided on the basis of Finnish legislation and Finnish official guidelines, and no position is taken on similar regulations in other countries. Advice related to an individual assignment shall not be applied to other assignments or used for other purposes unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Representative in Finland -service may send newsletters to the Customer or other material for the purpose of informing about current topics. The Service Provider is not responsible for the information provided in connection with these transmissions or otherwise, and there is no obligation to update this information.

In order to ensure the appropriate implementation of the Service, the Customer must provide all relevant information related to the Service and any changes to the information provided immediately upon receipt.

The Service Provider may also use external advisors to handle the Service. Due to the nature of the Service, the Service Provider may be actively involved with various authorities. The Customer agrees that the authorities may be provided with information about the content of the Service, its stages, or the Customer.

Termination of the Service

Both Parties have the right to terminate the Service at any time by notifying the other party by e-mail or otherwise in writing. In this case, a notice period of one (1) month is observed. The Customer undertakes to sign all Documents that may reasonably be required to terminate or cancel the Service. Customer’s representation ceases immediately upon termination of Service.

The Service Provider has the right to terminate the Service immediately if the information required in section Service above is not provided to the Service provider on time. The Service Provider also has the right not to enter into an assignment relationship with the Customer.

Cost and Invoicing

The fee for the Service is based on the valid price list, which is available on the Service Provider's website or otherwise agreed between the Parties.

All payments are made in euros. The prices in the price list are broken down without taxes (such as VAT), customs duties and charges charged under the applicable legislation. In addition to the agreed price, the Customer is obliged to pay the applicable VAT.

Services are invoiced on a monthly basis, payment term is 14 days net.

Data Protection

The Service Provider processes personal data provided by the Customer or otherwise collected in connection with the Service in accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, for example for the purpose of performing the Service, ensuring the identity of Customer’s and for customer-specific marketing purposes. The Customer has the right to request information on how personal data concerning him or her is processed and to request the correction of incorrect data. The Customer also has the right to request that personal data concerning him or her not be used for direct marketing purposes. The Service Provider stores the Documents and files in accordance with the Finnish regulation. The privacy policy of the services can be found here: [link to the privacy statement].

The Parties shall each be responsible for the security of information and for the maintenance and up-to-dateness of their anti-virus and other security systems. The Parties know and accept that electronic communications may nevertheless be disrupted. The Parties may send each other e-mail messages and attachments without encrypting them, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The party is not responsible for the fact that the message or attachment sent to it via the electronic communication system has been received unchanged or without delay.


The Service Provider receives documents from the Customer primarily only digitally. Submission of documents by other means must be agreed separately in advance. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep any original documents. The Service Provider only receives copies and primarily digitally.

The Service Provider has the express right to destroy the digitally stored documents submitted by the Customer and other documents submitted during the Service without prior notice at the end of the Service. The Customer himself has an obligation to keep copies, either digital or paper, that he considers important.

Limitation of Liability

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any indirect damages. The maximum liability of the Service Provider for direct damages shall be limited to the amount of fees received from the Customer during the twelve-month period preceding the claim.

The Service is offered only to the Customer’s purposes and the Service Provider is not liable towards any third parties.

Changes and transfer of the Service

The Service Provider has the right to change these general terms and conditions if the legislation, regulations or official instructions affecting the Service have changed. The changes will take effect when the amended terms are published on the Service Provider's website.

Neither party shall have the right to transfer the mandate of the contractual relationship to a third party without the approval of the other party.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

This agreement and Service is governed by and shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of Finland excluding its choice of law rules. All disputes based on or related to the Provider’s and Customer’s contractual relationship shall be settled in the District Court of Southwest Finland.