Dealing with a Country Representative :

  1. The application service fee of 50 euros is non - refundable. This is a service fee directly charged and paid to the country representative to assist you in all necessary ways like filling in the application form, location of the visa section in your country, help with health insurance issues, vaccination information, flight related matters, understanding the educational tour program and related. This fee is not charged by Ceci Educare Oy. It is a service fee for the country representative. Please take a receipt to confirm the payment.

  2. After sending in your application, Ceci Educare Oy will contact you within 2-7 working days to approve your application.

  3. Do not make any package fee payments to a country representative. You will receive an official invoice from Ceci Educare Oy in Finland. You can pay the invoice through a secure payment. Verification of invoice can also be done via video communication

  4. A contract of the terms and conditions on the Cancellation and Return Policy shall be signed together with the applicant and the CEO of Ceci Educare Oy before an invoice will be issued

Applying as an individual :

  1. Application service fee of 50 euros is paid directly to the business account of Ceci Educare Oy after receiving an invoice and a video call with Ceci Educare Oy

  2. The total fee is paid to Ceci Educare Oy after receiving an official invoice from Ceci Educare Oy . A contract about the Terms and Conditions regarding the Cancellation and Refund Policy shall be signed by both parties (Applicant and the CEO of Ceci Educare Oy) Check below for refund and cancellation policy.

  3. Invitation letter and other necessary documentation is then sent to the applicant upon confirmation from the bank about the deposit done

Cancellation and Refund Policy

NOTE : A certified legal contract on the terms and conditions regarding Cancellation and Refund Policy shall be signed together by the applicant and the CEO of Ceci Educare Oy. Each shall keep a copy of the signed agreement

Transfer of participation

  • In case an applicant is unable to attend the program it is possible to transfer the package fee to another participant in the same institution or professional background in Education

  • A written letter of notice must be sent to

  • The substituting applicant needs to refill the application form and send vital documents like the passport


  • Refund of accommodation is subject on the terms and conditions from the accommodation agents. 14 days before arrival without cancellation, the accommodation agency is entitled to make deductions of payment in accordance to their own fees.

Application fee

  • Application fee of 50 euros is non refundable, it is a service fee paid directly to the country representative who is also an entrepreneur and a partner of Ceci Educare Oy. Individuals have the option to pay the application fee directly to Ceci Educare Oy after receiving an official invoice

Other Cancellation Reasons

In the case where an applicant decides to cancel participation of the educational tour due to health reasons, work related reasons, family needs etc , the applicant is required to send a written cancellation letter and address it to Ceci Educare Oy. Dates of notices are in the following categories :

a. 2 months ahead before embarking on the trip. There will be a 50% refund of the package fee

b.3 months before embarking on the rip. There will be a 70% refund of the package fee

c. 30 days or one month before embarking on the trip, there shall be no refund

No show or Visa Refusal

  • In matters of No show to the Educational Tour, there shall be no refund

  • One full calendar month notice (30 or 31 days prior to the tour ) there shall be no refund on the case of visa refusal, medical emergency, family related reasons etc)

Unexpected Universal or Local Epidemic (Infections )

  • Ceci Educare Oy will be in conformity with the health regulations locally and internationally regarding any on going epidemic such as Corona and related. In such a case, the applicant will receive refunds from their local countries without any deductions expect the bank charges at the bank's own costs. In a case where the money has been paid into the business account in Finland, the applicant fee shall be returned and the bank deduction charges shall be applicable

a. On a pandemic issue affecting participants, the dates for the Educational tour would be rescheduled

b. Participants who wish to withdraw from the program shall be refunded 50% of their package fee

c. if the program is cancelled by the Hosting company due to an unforeseen epidemic , 70% of the package fee shall be refunded

Visa related matters :

a.It is vital to arrange all needful schengen visa requirements, travel and medical insurance, a valid passport, your bank statements, work documents, asset documents and related when applying for the visa. Please search to know the exact requirements from your local country

b.Please note Ceci Educare Oy is not responsible for the decision on the visa acquisition. You are therefore advised to do the needful to get the processing smoothly with the visa section authorities

c.If you need assistant and confirmation about other documents to bring in Finland please contact


Ceci Educare Oy will issue invoices to the banks or individuals with the following details :

Company Name : Ceci EDucare Oy

Business Registration /Y - Tunnus : 3297094-1

Bank Details : Nordea Business Account . Account Number : FI05 1544 3000 2993 58 BIC : NDEAFIHH

Invoicing and Reference Number : unknown until the invoice is issued

Company Address : Heikkilantie 7D , 00210 , Helsinki Finland

Email :

Mobile : + 358 403 670 658