Ceci Educare Oy

Ceci Educare was founded by Cecilia Naadensua Quarshie in January 2022 as a Private Entrepreneur and it was expanded to a Limited Liability Company from June 2022 with its location in heart of Helsinki, Lauttasaari.

Cecilia in the past worked in the role of a Daycare Director, Manager, Head Teacher, Key teacher, Social Worker and related in Finland and abroad. Ceci's Personal Profile .

Ceci Educare aims to :

  • Educate

  • Train

  • Host

  • Guide

  • Mold

  • Partner and

  • Cooperate with individuals, families ,institutions and investors with focus on Education in various categories.

Why chose services with Ceci Educare ?

  • Knowledge is from the experts

  • Long lasting cooperation

  • Up to date services

  • Unlimited cooperation

  • Professional team of educators and researchers (Volunteers on Board Meet The Team )

Are you interested to have a partnership, franchising and collaboration with Ceci Educare Oy? Find out about others here Partners / Franchisees/ Clients

Ceci Educare offers a wide range of Children's Educative Club Activities, and other Private services including : Private Educational Services , Partnerships and Volunteering services etc. Find out more about the Services

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